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Bahar Adab monthly The Monthly Stylistics and Analysis of Persian Poetry and Prose Texts (former Bahar Adab) is a private monthly magazine founded by Dr. Omid Majed and has open access (to the text of the articles). In this publication, the policy of two anonymous expert referees is used in the review of articles, and all submitted articles must be matched with the matching software https://www.samimnoor. ir/view/fa/default">Samim Noor are checked to ensure their authenticity and then they are carefully evaluated. In reviewing and publishing scientific articles, this journal respects the rules of ethics in publications, subject to the rules of the Committee on Ethics in Publishing (COPE). and follows the executive regulations of the law on preventing and dealing with fraud in scientific more about this publication
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volume Number 8، ، issue Number 30 XML شناسنامه و فهرست مجله
  • 1 . Application of Unified Style of Creative Writers In Stylistic Classification of Persian Prose

    • Khalil Beygzadeh(Author in Charge), Majid khousravi

    The survey of Persian prose has passed the deep, visible revolutions in the style history, besides the internal and external factors in the text. The creative writers is one of these factors in the style. The encourage of deconstruction of constan...
  • 2 . The stylistics of Mazhar-al-asar

    • hamed Hoseinkhani(Author in Charge), Mahmood modabberi, Mohammad sadegh Basiri

    Mazhar-al--asar of shah-jah ngir Hashemi kermani-The poet and mystic in 9th and 10th century (Hejira), is an exciting mystic- theosophy Manzumeh, which is almost unknown inspi...
  • 3 . Review specific practices to take advantage of the Quran in Jahangoshaie Juwayni and comparison with similar books

    • Yaser Dalavand(Author in Charge), Esmaeel Tajbakhsh

    Ata Malek – e – jovayni, the author of Tarikh –e- Jahangoshay –e- Jovayni (The History of The World Conqueror), sometime has changed the form and terminology of the verses of holy Quran applying in his own book. According to the statistics, he h...
  • 4 . The study of linguistic features of Hindi style in Siraj Aurangabad's "Safeenatul-Mofradat"

    • Mohammad reza Masomi, Mohammad Fesharaki(Author in Charge), Ataa Mohammad Radmanesh

    Debates and ships left from past centuries, often in the form of manuscripts kept in the libraries inside and outside of Iran the precious resources to achieve numerous poets of various periods. One of these collections of poetry, "Safeenatul-Mof...
  • 5 . Odes Stylistic of Anvari Abivardi

    • Friba Gharedaghi(Author in Charge), Hoseyn Khosravi

    Anvari abivardi is one of the greatest poets of the sixth century which was the ode format in the first half of it was fluent and popular in Persian poet. What is certain is that in the making art is distinguished poet, poem, especially the eulogy...
  • 6 . Malekshahi and the style and content of the manuscript Shkarname

    • Amin Mojallizadeh(Author in Charge), Mehdi nooriyan, Jamshid Mazaheri

    Shekarnameh-Malekshahi or Khosravi is a book which is written in the fifth century (AD) with the order of Malekshah-Saljuqi and efforts of Khaje Nizam-al-Mulk and by Abul-Hasan Ali-ebne-Mohammad-Neishaburi. This book is based on the several Baznam...
  • 7 . A survey of Fadaee Mazandarani's sad poem style of poetry

    • Morteza Mohseni(Author in Charge), Ahmad Ghanipour Malekshah, Marziye Alizade

    The style is a particular way of understanding and expressing thought with combining and choosing words is a special way of interpretation. The study of style in Persian poetry is named and categorized with subjects and various ways based on lang...
  • 8 . Composing poem on the base of the beat and form of Rudakiʾqeta in different Persian style

    • Maryam Mahmodi(Author in Charge), Mahnaz Taki

    There always is composing poem on the base of the beat and form, composing similar and following of form, rhyme and beat of a poem during periods of Persian poem. The first poet of Persian literature is Rudaki that from the beginning, his poem has...
  • 9 . Language analysis of Naser Khosro’s Shiei poems

    • Ahmad Tamimdari(Author in Charge), Kobra Moradi

    In this research, is tried to test and analysis the representation of Shiei thought in Naser Khosro’s poems. The writer tried to examine the formal choices and language features of poet in a descriptive level, consisting vocabularies, grammar and...
  • 10 . The Rhetorical Esthetics of Raji Kermani’s Hamleh-ye Heidari

    • Mohammad reza Najjarian(Author in Charge), Seyed mahmod Elhambakhsh, seyed khodadad Keshavarz

    Hamleh-ye Heidari is a religiousepic composed by Mulla beman Ali Raji Kermani (1180 – 1291 A.H), the well-known poet of thirteenth century. The metric pattern of it is the same as Firdowsi’s shahnameh (Musamman Mutaqareb metre omitted). This epicw...