Journal of the stylistic of Persian poem and prose
Journal of the stylistic of Persian poem and prose شماره 89

volume Number : 16
number In Volume : 7
issue Number : 89

Journal of the stylistic of Persian poem and prose
volume Number 16، number In Volume 7، ، issue Number 89

Investigation of imaging methods in the works of Houshang Ebtahaj, Nawab Safa and Bijan Targhi

Golshan Namdari , Sima Mansoori (Author in Charge), Masoud Pakdel

BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES: The present research can investigate that part of songwriters and poet"s imagination which figure out stylistic features (Ebtehaj, Safa, Taraghi). They are also seystematic and have same order.These songs which are the best artistic and literary masterpieces of these mentioned poets, because of their artistic and literary creation and genius of poets gain stylistic personalization and have became basis of the special method,individual special style and periodical style of songwriting.In this research,we adopted the most famous songs of in 1960s and1950s which were the most popular collections of art works.This paper aimed to introduce the effect of kinds of images on making the famous orchestrates and new art style. METHODOLOGY: This research used analysis-descriptive method.The materials included taking notes from references while researching and the sample was just famous songs in1950s and 1960s which registered in the mentioned poets"s works. FINDINGS: The present paper lead to the conclusion that the famous lyrists who have literary and artistic genius are successful in methodic and systematic image processing and they can gain literary personalization. CONCLUSION: The image, imagination, and conceptual power are first of all Targhee; Then Ibtahaj and finally Ismail Navab Safa have a commendable art and creative pen in their artistic creation.

image , song , orchestrate , poem , imagination , method

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